John Mesplay is an Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran with a love for video games, art and movies. As a high school student he was introduced to the world of visual effects through movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Final Fantasy Spirits Within,” as well as games like “Star Craft” and “Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. After high school he joined the army as a Combat Engineer stationed in Iraq and Germany, where he served as part of a principle support detachment (VIP bodyguard), and a reconnaissance/demolition operations engineer. After leaving the Army he attended Pittsburg State University, where he studied commercial art and 3D art for video games/movies. He helped update the program with digital art media, and pushed for the art program to have an area for three-dimensional computer graphics, digital painting and digital sculpting. Graduating May 2012.   Early 2014 helped with 3D modeling on the film Guardians of the Galaxy.  He then went to work on TV shows such as Flash, Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow and more.  John the moved on to work for a small Indy gaming Studio: Nerd Kingdom (IGG) in Dallas working on the "TUG" 2015-2018. He currently is working as a Senior 3D Artist at Amazon TRB in Seattle, WA working on Amazon "Showroom" assets. 


From: Dr. Gary Wilkens:
"Mr. Mesplay is an excellent artist, both in his technical skills, which are top-level, but even more impressively in his creativity and ability to turn a vague description into a wonderful picture that goes above and beyond what was requested. He is more than a talented illustrator, he is a gifted and highly intelligent artist, in addition to being hardworking and professional."
         — Gary Charles Wilkens, Assistant Professor of English, West Virginia University Institute of Technology, worked with John on Colony Space role-playing game project as lead writer.

From: Professor Rhona Shand:
"I have had the pleasure of getting to know John Meplay in several different capacities. He was my student in Design I and Art of Photography I – III and is currently is matriculating through my Commercial Art Courses. In every class, he has shown an exemplary sense of work ethic and has exhibited a very mature approach to mastering all aspects of his artistic craft. Mr. Mesplay continuously exceeds my expectations when dealing with research and assignments. As his advisor, I have had opportunity to observe one of his most unique talents, which is his aptitude for understanding and actively obtaining any goal he sets for himself. John’s involvement with his education carries well beyond the classroom. He has taught himself advanced digital imaging software such as ZBrush, Maya and 3D Max. This in-depth research and intuitive understand of 3D imaging, I would not expect from most students at an undergraduate or even graduate level."
         — Rhona Shand, Chair, Associate Professor of Art, Pittsburg State University, taught John at Pittsburg State University.